Alyson “Aly” Dearborn is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in California (LMFT#45462) and Oregon (LMFT#T2025). Her practice is available online only for individual adults (age 24+). She does not treat couples, children, or families.

Aly helps clients learn how to view their symptoms through the lens of their autonomic nervous system and utilizes a polyvagal theory and feminist foundation in her practice. Aly has a particular interest in supporting women and genderqueer folx with complex trauma histories using science, somatic, sensory, earth-based, and creative approaches. As a CSAT, her specialty is helping women who have been “afraid to be alone” to develop a deep, fulfilling, and loving relationship with themselves through the co-regulation possible within a nurturing and affirming therapeutic space.

With 30 years of her own personal therapy work and nearly 20 years of post-graduate clinical experience working with complex trauma survivors and providing psychoeducation about sexual violence prevention, Aly brings significant expertise and dedication to the art and science of psychotherapy.

Aly’s practice is rooted in the three essential elements required for safety (polyvagal theory):

1) Context. I thrive on transparency about who I am and the influences that inform my work. See my clinical perspectives page for more information about my primary theoretical orientations.

2) Choice. I value personal autonomy and the power of choice in my approach to therapeutic work.

3) Connection. I believe that “safety is the treatment” and strive to help clients reconnect first and foremost with their own intuitive inner wisdom.

For more information about these therapy approaches, see Aly’spage.