Online Psychotherapy Services (serving California & Oregon)

If you would like to find out more about me, my work, or how I may help support you, you can email me at or via

Fall 2022 Rates:

$175 per 50-minute session

$235 per 80-minute session (recommended for trauma work)

$250 per 80-minute initial intake and assessment (new client). Includes the cost of one trauma-informed clinical assessment.

*A phone or video consultation is required prior to the onset of therapy. There is no cost for the initial consultation. You may contact me at or to schedule an initial consultation.

Groups Forming

I am launching a 16-week psychoeducational/experiential course on “Polyvagal Theory as an Embodied (Feminine) Wisdom Practice” this Fall. Space is limited to 10 participants — waitlisted participants will be extended the first opportunity to join the next course in Spring 2023.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation:

I offer online clinical supervision for AMFTs and ASWs at the Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center in San Francisco, CA A reduced rate is available for pre-licensure clinical supervision.

I am also available for clinical consultation with licensed mental health professionals who are interested in exploring cases from a polyvagal theory lens.